The Heart of Cardiovascular Diagnostic Platforms

CorMedica Group is dedicated to the development and advancement of cardiovascular monitoring technologies that provide increased accuracy and ease of use for physicians, and increased quality of care for patients.

“CorMedica’s goal is to provide one system that meets the diagnostic need of providers to easily monitor, diagnose, and treat patients while ensuring clinical and economic benefits for provider and patients alike.”

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

CorMedica’s suite of remote cardiac monitoring platforms are working to remove the burden from healthcare providers, hospitals, physicians, and patients, by helping doctors monitor patients’ cardiac health from the comfort of their own homes.

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The Problem With Current Cardiovascular Screening

Because so much of cardiovascular monitoring takes place in clinics or hospitals, ECG effectiveness is limited by the available time and personnel resources.

low-risk patients in the US will receive an ECG during a routine checkup.
1 in 0
ECGs are performed in the US every year.
0 million
On average,
stroke risk increase from Atrial Fibrillation.
400- 0 %
sudden cardiac arrests in the US each year. 90% are fatal.
25000 +

Providing Leadership and Resources to Cutting-Edge Cardiac Technology Companies

CorMedica Group is a holding company, centered around the acquisition and growth of MedTech companies developing new and innovative AI-driven cardiovascular diagnostic technologies that align with our growing portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for healthcare professionals and patients.

Our two wholly owned subsidiaries, Monebo Technologies Inc. and Artella Solutions Inc., specialize in the development of ECG and remote cardiac monitoring devices, software, and analysis algorithms.

Our Subsidiaries