About Us

“CorMedica’s platform provides a safe, compact, adaptable, practical and easily useable product for patients and healthcare providers.”

The CorMedica Group

CorMedica Group is a holding company, centered around the acquisition and growth of MedTech companies developing new and innovative AI-driven cardiovascular diagnostic technologies that align with our growing portfolio of software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings for healthcare professionals and patients.

Mergers & Acquisitions Engine

Step One

Our Senior Executives are industry veterans that maintain an acquisition pipeline of companies with synergies to existing portfolio.

Step Two

Acquisitions are financed with a combination of cash, earnouts and stock to ensure all parties are strategically aligned.

Step Three

Companies consolidate under the CorMedica umbrella. Administrative functions, including accounting, legal, insurance and employee benefits are consolidated to allow our companies to focus on their core expertise.

Step Four

New acquisitions complement existing portfolio companies and will generate revenue synergies in terms of cross selling, up selling and introducing the broader system to new customers.

Our M&A Approach

CorMedica Group hold ourselves to a strict assessment criteria when making new acquisitions.

Available Through Non-Hostile Means – CorMedica only seeks to acquire companies whose ownership recognizes the efficiency of partnership.

Consistent Financial Performance – Acquires only well-established businesses with a proven track record of success and financial stability.

Highly Experienced Board and Management Team – Subject-matter experts in each of the areas and verticals the company is focused on.

Strong Geographic Sales Positioning – Physical offices in key U.S. markets help leverage the global expertise of its portfolio companies with a local market presence.

Diversified Revenue Mix – Balanced portfolio of evergreen recurring revenue and project-based revenue which deliver a smooth, long-term revenue stream for investors while meeting short-term revenue targets.